15 Most Frequent Bookkeeping Errors That Small Businesses Should Avoid

Small-sized companies show eagerness in expanding the business but fail to understand the underlying need. One such thing when goes wrong hampers the entire business, and that is the bookkeeping process. 

Yes, owners think that accounting is a simple thing and most of the time gives less importance to it. Therefore, they don’t appoint experts to this role and do the work themselves.

When there is lack of time, they start losing focus and mess the whole accounts. The business owners make some silly mistakes in accounting, which takes their entire business for a toss.

TD Bank Survey pointed out that 60% business houses in the US do not have a dedicated resource to handle finances and hence failed in investments miserably. The fiscal health of the industry somehow gets compromised. 

The company might also face the problem of insolvency due to continuous errors in business.

​Lets Discuss Some of The Major Accounting Mistakes & Ways To Solve them

1. Lack of Business Plan Preparation

The beginning of the business must be active to reach a better end. Proper business planning comes in the forefront as it helps to make an analysis of market and how one should proceed. 

A business plan is an essential element for achieving proper calculations. There is a failure only when there is a lack of planning. Especially in finance, planning plays a significant role. 71%small firms fail due to improper financial planning.

2. Spending a Lot of Time On Accounting

Small businesses always have in mind that they have to keep everything precise and accurate because of which they spend far too much time in the accounting process. 

If one involves only in the maintenance of books, then they are losing their time in earning money. Accounts should be adequately handled with the help of an accountant who has enough knowledge to let you gain in business.

3. Equality in The Treatment of The Profits Generated

When it comes to business, income and expenses play an essential part, and that can be highly achieved with the help of the cash flows and net profits. 

Net profit brings into light the income generated by a business during a particular period in the industry. Net profit comes into the limelight once all the expenses have been paid off. When it comes to cash flow, it focuses on how much money moves in the business.

82%small business fails due to lack of cash flow management. The funds used in the company must be liquid so that they can be paid off quickly, which is possible by making a cash flow statement.

4. Record Omission Generated Accounting Errors

There involves continuous handling of transactions when it comes to business. If there is a particular transaction which was not recorded, then it leads, to errors regarding omission. 

Every deal in business should be appropriately documented so there is no confusion during the year ending of the company. Not so essential operations also play an important part at some time of the business.

5. Consequences of Not Using a Budget

When there is the small business involved, the chances are that the company will have a limited amount of funds to use in business. For this matter, there should be a plan as to how the money should be spent, which can be done entirely with the help of a budget. 

A budget helps to bring into light the past accounts and records, and they create a balance between the present and past, and any deviations can be corrected quickly.

Around 13% companies with small investment fail due to lack of budget planning and invest in trivial things.

6. Reconciliation of The Books Not Done

There should be a reconciliation of the bank accounts so that there is accuracy in business. Statements of banks and the reports should match to show positivity in business. 

If there is no reconciliation then, there might be specific errors, which would not be removed from the business. This becomes a problem to calculate tax in the end.

7. Trying to be Penny Wise And Pound Foolish

Entrepreneurs can be categorized into two types who suffer from the bookkeeping process. The first category is expensive hire and less investment in essential financial machines. The second category includes getting the entire device but less qualified employees without any potential to use that. 

Only 25% companies with less 50 employees have a dedicated CFO. A proper balance between the skill, software, and knowledge can result in a productive accounting procedure.

8. Skipping Marketing Activities

The order processing, stock ordering, data input, etc., take up all time and attention. Someday it might seem like what is going on with the work. Upcoming sales rely on marketing and hence check for facts before you start. 

Long-life successful business can be achieved by handing over it to the next generation and for that marketing shouldn’t be skipped. Schedule your month by keeping aside a minimum of 20% of time devoted to marketing strategies.

Ideas to market products emphasize the distribution of the already existing line of products, getting rid of useless items and including fresh items, diagnose the various advertising tactics that can yield the maximum revenue and lastly set your marketing mediums. These are the fruitful steps to the victory. You should be a risk taker to avoid them.

9. Mixing Home and Office Expenses

It doesn’t matter that you do your business from your house. You should be alert and sound to account various investments separately. 

This is widely observed that 69% entrepreneurs in the US start their business from home and tend to use the same credit card, which they use for expenses accountable to business, even for buying various household materials.

This sort of messed up investments may complicate the book of accounts, making it tough enough to distinguish while paying tax, and thus the business shuts after four years since its inauguration.

10. Ignoring the Need for Collecting Bills

Even if the bills are a headache and a hard to keep it safe, you need to provide all document proofs of every investment to HRMC; either you spend for a cup of tea or filling fuel in the gas station.

11. Lack of Proper Communication

Business finances can be taken care by your accountants who are very important to any organization. Not giving any bills, not updating employee incentives and further vital data might create significant differences in the company as 65% of people does a better job with face-to-face presentation and hence provides success to business. Therefore, they have private talks quite often and bridge the gap.

12. Not Interpreting The Credit Agreements

Ensure yourself about the meanings of every term and condition for a credit line. If you do not understand the interest value and fee, you might not get the enhanced credit score, even when you pay on time.

Be aware of the full report and read out the printed pages to get the information about the card carrying a balance.

13. Oblivion of Tax Payments

This can be astonishing to know that one needs to pay tax every three weeks and needs to pay employment tax every two weeks. Maximum people who don’t know about finance do this blunder by thinking to pay tax and do documentations exclusively on an annual basis.

It is essential to understand the pass-through taxing and plot accordingly. 50% small business fails when they are ignorant of tax terms. Due to lack of knowledge in tax process entire bookkeeping exercise fails. 

14. Inappropriate Dealing With People Becomes An Issue

The first rule of business is that you should be very particular with the customers that you are handling. Staffs should be dealt with ease, or else they would not work for the business. 

When teams are kept satisfied, they work towards fulfillment of goals in the industry and in this way; growth can be seen in the business.

15. Not Staying Tuned With The Technology Advancement

Bookkeeping software’s help in a great way to record finances, streamline the entire accounting operation. But companies don’t understand the basics and fear spending for tools. 

This leads to a disaster in the financing process, and thus the total business fails. According to the reports of CPA Practice Advisor, 18% of the small business sails in the boat of not purchasing any software and land up failing eventually.


It doesn’t matter that you have initiated a thought to have a business smaller one or bigger, but what matters is appropriate human resource, equipment’s and give the job of accounts to these human resources. 

It is simple to omit blunders, which are small and not necessary if someone in your business firm notices such. However, some could be important and thus may create a profound impact on the economic condition of a business.

The 15 blunders mentioned above are thus gathered for the advantage of entrepreneurs to understand their failure. If you can correct one mistake at once, then be guaranteed that in one year itself your business will soar in the business world.

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How To Find a Reliable Bookkeeper Near Your Area?

What to choose in a​ Bookkeeper?

Finance and Accounting Outsourcing services have been consistently growing from the time when it first began in the early 1990s. In the initial days the companies that outsourced this type of work were mainly from the USA.

When more companies around the globe began to realize the service advantages of outsourcing, work started flowing even from other parts of the world.

With both technology and communication becoming cheaper, a number of mid-sized companies now find it fairly easy to have the advantages of lower costs and better services by outsourcing accounting operations.

With enforcement of strict financial laws globally, it has become critical to manage your spending carefully to meet financial goals of your company throughout the year.

A knowledgeable accountants can help you to attain these goals in a smooth way as well as in lesser time. He can help you to take life changing decisions for your business success.   


Choosing a right ​​One

Explore professionals online or take a reference from your network for choosing a quality service provider. Once you have the complete list of service providers in your hands, you should assess each one based on the advantages they are offering through their services and ask them questions in each of the following categories:

Immediate response

The bookkeeper should respond you timely. He should be able to understand the key aspects of accounting in the verbal communication as well as on the mail too. A slow response rate can create crisis in many situations. 

The bookkeeper should respond you timely. He should be able to understand the key aspects of accounting in the verbal communication as well as on the mail too. A slow response rate can create crisis in many situations.

​A good communicator

A good communicator

​Communication is the key to successful accounting. His communication skills will create a huge impact for you and your company.

Communication is the key to successful accounting. His communication skills will create a huge impact for you and your company.

​Many companies are not flexible enough when they manage an outsourced provider and deal with them more strictly than their in-house resources are managed.

Many companies are not flexible enough when they manage an outsourced provider and deal with them more strictly than their in-house resources are managed.

Being Professional

​Many companies are not flexible enough when they manage an outsourced provider and deal with them more strictly than their in-house resources are managed.

So the accountant should be highly professional. He must be open to his past projects and references which can give insights about his professional qualities.

Many companies are not flexible enough when they manage an outsourced provider and deal with them more strictly than their in-house resources are managed.

So the accountant should be highly professional. He must be open to his past projects and references which can give insights about his professional qualities.

​Being Competitive

Being Competitive

​The service provider should become a competitor in his market. He should be aware of the news trends, technology or news related to finance connected to your industry. At the end of the day, he is going to play a vital role in the financial success of your company.

The service provider should become a competitor in his market. He should be aware of the news trends, technology or news related to finance connected to your industry. At the end of the day, he is going to play a vital role in the financial success of your company.

Being Certified Bookkeeper

Being Certified

​He should have a certificate from the relevant institute. He should have complete information and field knowledge; ultimately he will not only provide you his services but also give you expert consultation in your business.

He should have a certificate from the relevant institute. He should have complete information and field knowledge; ultimately he will not only provide you his services but also give you expert consultation in your business.

​Regular updates

Regular updates

​The service provider should immediately inform and update you about micro and macro expenses about the firm. This will help you to put forward your financial plans while taking any big decision for your firm.

The service provider should immediately inform and update you about micro and macro expenses about the firm. This will help you to put forward your financial plans while taking any big decision for your firm.

​Multi tasked


​The service provider should be committed to do multi-tasking if required. There is no use of outsourcing if he can’t spend extra time in multitasking of your accounting projects. He should be ready to put extra efforts for your company account when needed.

The service provider should be committed to do multi-tasking if required. There is no use of outsourcing if he can’t spend extra time in multitasking of your accounting projects. He should be ready to put extra efforts for your company account when needed.

​Excellence in work

Excellence in work

​It is one of the most important aspects while hiring an outsourced services provider. He should be able to deliver work on time and should be hard working to offer the best work.

It is one of the most important aspects while hiring an outsourced services provider. He should be able to deliver work on time and should be hard working to offer the best work.

​Culture compatibility

Culture compatibility

​It is quite an important aspect while outsourcing a service provider that he or she should be able to understand you and your employees well. He should be able to manage everything smoothly without disturbing your in-house work set-up.

It is quite an important aspect while outsourcing a service provider that he or she should be able to understand you and your employees well. He should be able to manage everything smoothly without disturbing your in-house work set-up.

​Good technology and latest software’s

Good technology and latest softwares

​The accountant should use best accounting software solutions like Quickbooks to offer you the finest and secure work outputs. 

He should provide you complete tracking, invoicing, expense monitoring and online billing solutions.

They should not be using outdated software tools; if they are using them it is not safe for you and your firm when he will be sharing financial information on the e-mail attachments. He should offer you a paperless reporting experience.

The accountant should use best accounting software solutions like quickbooks to offer you the finest and secure work outputs. He should provide you complete tracking, invoicing, expense monitoring and online billing solutions. They should not be using outdated software tools; if they are using them it is not safe for you and your firm when he will be sharing financial information on the e-mail attachments. He should offer you a paperless reporting experience.

Additional things to Consider ​

Steady Track Record

Does the outsourced service provider have a good and proven industry track record?

Checking the number of years of business operation and number of clients the service provider is serving are important. You are much safer when you are dealing with an experienced service provider. If the service provider has lesser experience you need to check its work quality and management of its current clients.

Service Qualities

Importance of delivering consistent service qualities

The consistency in delivering quality work is more significant than type of work or pricing offered to the service provider. The service provider should be clear that his main objective is your business success and not just dealing out with transactions on a lesser cost.

The service provider should have proficiency in setting-up and managing work processes in order to create better work value that can offer you a competitive advantage on others. There should be no post engagement problems. There should be steadfastness and reliance in his working style. The work commitment should be long term for both the parties.

Domain Knowledge and Expertise

Checking what type of expertise does your outsourced service provider have is important?

Advanced knowledge and expertise of accounting should be a necessity. A service provider that does not have a related background in the industry may be short of the abilities to fully be on familiar terms with the problem surrounding the client company work. Asking for references is suggested for checking these capabilities. Hearing from current clients in this subject will offer additional insights to this checking process.

Overall Costing

What are the hourly rates? or What is the cost of outsourcing accounting services?

Costing is one of the key factors in selecting a professional accounting service provider. A service provider with a lower cost does not essentially translate into the finest option. A safer way would be to have additional checks on the quality parameters like a paid pilot project or a sample service output can be a better option. Cost is a key factor to think about in an outsourcing association. However, as we discussed above it alone cannot be viable to continued success of an outsourcing relation in the long run.

Keep up to SLAs

Why keeping up with Service Level Agreements is a necessity?

While there are many service firms, only some really understand the complete requirements of the clients they are dealing with and offering effective services accordingly. Sometimes the disagreements between the provider firm and the client arise for the reason that there is a misunderstanding in the necessities of the signed business contract. So, it is highly advisable for clients to pick a service firm who will work well with them, be aware of the functioning of the client company, and offer the precise services to keep up with the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Work Scalability

Why checking service level scalability is important in the early stages of contract?

 If the primary outsourcing contract goes efficiently, then many organizations consider outsourcing additional work to the same service provider. In such scenarios, the potential levels of the service provider should be measured in early service stages, so that when the organization plans to outsource additional work, the provider would be able to grip and manage it consistently in the long run.

What operations you should not outsource ideally

  • ​Operations that need close interface with your clients
  • Operations that need close interface with higher management
  • Operations that need presence in site
Operations that need close interface with your clients
Operations that need close interface with higher management
Operations that need presence in site

Key Takeaways

Finding the right outsourced accounting partner is extremely important. Attention to the above points will make sure that your partner relationship accomplishes the business goals that are expected. As at the end of the day, he is a partner, who can support you on a long term basis and can be a part of your successful business venture.

Source: https://www.outsourcinginsight.com/bookkeepers-near-me/

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You In B2B Marketing

Siri may have changed the way people interact with Apple’s product. You and I know better that artificial intelligence is here to stay.


It may look easier to use AI in B2C marketing . What you may not know is that savvy B2B companies are using it to scale their operation and increase sales.


In other words, if you missed the first ship, you are only leaving the only technology that could help skyrocket your sales and increase your performance.


Most B2B companies because they understand how the technology can help them.

In this post, I want to share with you 6 ways AI can transform your B2B marketing. Most importantly, share with you the AI platforms that you can use to scale your operations

Analyse and Refine Your Data

It’s no secret data analysis remains a big stranger, even to seasoned marketers. No one likes to go through data without knowing how to interpret it.


The more we analyze and interpret data, the more we spend lots of time trying to figure out what makes sense to us. Instead of spending lots of time analyzing data, you can give this function to an AI app that will analyze data within a few minutes.


Most importantly, it will feed you questions that can help you make an informed decision. This is effective in B2B content marketing or refining your marketing strategy.

As humans we can’t analyze thousands of data at the same time. It’s boring and actually not the best way to use our time.


With AI, all you need is to import your data and get the information after a few hours. If you were doing the job of analyzing every piece of information, you may take a week or even forever.

Refines Account Selection

Choosing the right accounts is important. Most marketers are working with their sales teams to choose the right account to market their products.


There are several stages that a client has to go through before buying a product. An AI can help you qualify interested clients about your product and services.

The same AI can also helps you presell the rests. It may be that they need more information about the product or services.


There are several reasons clients sit on the fence before buying a product and services. Before, marketers had to spend lots of time analyzing the best account to sell their product and services. Today, an AI can qualify accounts that are likely to close the sale.

That means your sales team spends their time closing instead of analyzing. Most importantly, the AI will feed you information on the accounts that needs re-marketing or more information before making a decision. This helps you save lots of time in the process.

Reduce Overheads

CEO’s and other C-Suite Executive may not understand the role of AI in marketing. But there are two words that they understand most: Reduce overheads.

Because many organizations don’t understand how AI helps them reduce costs, most choose to ignore.


According to one report, companies that have used AI in the past, have reduced overheads by 40 to 60%. AI is perfect if you want to reduce administrative costs and other marketing process.


For instance, content chat bots like are used as customer service reps. If you have been online for a long time, am damn sure you have interacted with chatbots without knowing.


For instance, chatbots have the power to interact with millions of customers. A typical customer care representative cannot manage 20 chats at the same time.

Makes lead generation efficiency

Yes, you can nurture existing clients to generate even more sales. The truth is, you still need more leads to break even.


Artificial intelligence can help you refine the lead generation process and you separate the wheat from chaffs. Using AI to streamline your lead generation process will result into conversation of more clients into your pipeline.


Most importantly, it will help you zero on leads that are likely to convert best. The big data may give you raw information, an AI will act as a search tool to help you get the most valuable data that you can focus on.

Personalization of marketing

The most selling features about AI is the personalization of marketing. The thing that you’ll love most about it is that eliminate spam in the world of marketing.

Customers or clients receive too many messages every single day that aren’t fit for their ideal situation. With AI, brands can personalize information to fulfil the customer’s needs and wants.


This promotes personalized conversation between the customer and the company, which leads to increased amount of sales.


Apart from increased sales, you’re likely to have hyper targeted advertising. Businesses have used segmentation for years to improve their marketing efforts. The rise of AI will help businesses make smarter well-informed choices about their target audience.

Predictive Analytics

Before I tell you what is predictive analysis, you need to understand what is predictive marketing. Predictive marketing is the act of predicting the behaviours or actions that a customer has done in the past and using the same information to analyze what they will do in the future.


Same thing with predictive analytics. Once you have previous data, you can know whether the customer is likely to convert or not.


Before you feed the AI with certain data, you need to make sure that the data is 100% accurate. Wrong data can give you wrong choices and you’ll be able to make wrong predictions.

AI Apps That You Can Use In Your Marketing

There are few AI apps that you can use in your marketing. All you need is to install them and figure out the kinds of things that you can do with it. Here are the latest AI apps organizations are using

Most marketers allocate a significant part of their money on PPC advertising. In fact, majority of marketers loss lots of money because they cannot make an informed ROI decision based on the data that they have gathered.


What most marketers don’t know is that there is an AI-powered systems that helps advertisers test out more ad platform and optimize their campaigns.

Most importantly, Albert can help you optimize your layout, copywriting, targeting and bidding. This saves you lots of human inputs required in analyzing, managing and optimizing paid campaigns.


With Albert, you’re likely to know historical data on which ads perform the best and in which stage of the buying process. You optimize thousands of variables to know effective placements in various platforms.

Do you publish lots of content on your website or social media. Chances are, you’re publishing lots of content and hardly know the contents that resonate with your audience.


Most importantly, you hardly know which content your audience will love next after you have published what you think they like.

No worry, there is a content creation AI that can suggest for you content that your social media followers will like.


Rocco is designed to learn the ins and outs of your business. Most importantly, suggest contents that will resonate with your followers.


This means that you’ll be spending less time coming up with content strategies while you provide your audience with content that they love.


What’s more Rocco will even update you on the best social media campaigns that are working for you. With as little as $15 per month, you can get all these data at your fingertips.

Chat bots are everywhere. They are defining the way customers interact with brand. This AI provides lots of information to customers. From human interaction alone, AI can predict behaviors customers are likely to show before they your product. This helps in knowing what prevents customers or clients from buying your product.

Are you looking to personalize your marketing messages to millions of customers. Instead of spamming customers with the same kind of messages every now and then.

Dynamic yeild helps you build actionable customer segmentation which helps you increase personalizations, recommendation and automatic optimization.


Having an AI do this function helps you focus on the best prospects that are likely to convert best for your business.


This in turns helps you increase revenue. Keep in mind that segmentation takes a lot of human efforts especially when data is involved.


Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. All you need is to give it a try. In fact, more than 75% business executive said that they will be using for predictive analytics and strategies their company’s growth.


What’s more the market of AI will surpass $100 billion by 2025. It means that you need to start taking action right now. You need to start learning how to use AI in your marketing or hire a professional to help you use AI to scale your business operations.


The earlier you get started, the better you’ll be ahead of your competition and increase sales for your organization.

Source: https://www.outsourcinginsight.com/artificial-intelligence-in-b2b-marketing/

Simple And Effective Tips To Offer Outstanding Customer Service To Patients

Healthcare industry is all about ensuring maximum satisfaction and convenience to patients. According to the latest Cisco survey, 70% of patients feel delighted when doctors specifically address their queries over the telephone.


Regular feedback from patients regarding how they feel after getting the treatment from a particular hospital is also a good way to keep rapport and as well know the areas where the hospital needs to work harder.


It is essential for the healthcare sector to rejuvenate its customer support service. No doubt, a team of qualified customer support executives not only acts as a bridge between the patients and the hospitals but also enhances the efficacy of the treatment while coordinating the same.


Previously, competitions were very low. Nowadays, hospitals are being opened everywhere. On an estimate, each region now has two to three hospitals or even more across every country.


This makes it more difficult for the hospitals to keep a tab on their patients. Therefore, customer service department of a hospital has to walk an extra mile to win the faith of the patients.

12 customer service tips for healthcare professionals

1) Courtesy and Respect:

Always respect your patient. A good behavior at the reception or over a telephone from a customer care executive instantly touches the heart of the patients.

2) Stay Informed:

Tackling patients not only means keeping a close watch on their bills and documents only but it only means that the customer care staff should be able to resolve the patient’s doubt clearly.


A new Survey claims that 60% of the patients want their queries or diseases to be checked by specialists than a general physician. Now, it becomes crucial for a reception desk to convince the patients about his future treatment.

3) Never Argue or Fight with Patients:

A patient to the hospital is what guest to a hotel. Directly or indirectly, they are the customers of the healthcare sector. It is important to clear any doubt that the patient has regarding the treatment. If they have any confusion, then the support team should resolve the same without indulging in any unnecessary argument with the patients.

4) Thank Your Patients Frequently:

Healthcare sector is all about patients. Their belief and faith will multiply the number of future patients in your hospital. So, it is imperative for the customer service team to thanks each patient from time to time to make them feel special.

5) Simply Explain to Patients:

Patients and their relatives might be anxious or in a distress. So, it is not good for any hospital staff to use hi-fi words during any conversation with them. Whenever you have to explain something to patients, please do it in simple and easy terms.

6) Good Manners and Service Motive:

Pleasant manners win the faith of the customers or patients instantly. A customer service team has to exude its excellent manners on and off. Proper eye contact, listening with care and personally handling patient’s queries are good examples of decent manners.

According to another survey around 20% of Americans live in rural areas where they don’t get the good medical facility. Any hospital opening its branch, there will be definitely at a vantage point.

7) Close Rapport with Patients:

The customer service team should maintain a close rapport with every patient. Once a satisfied patient goes home after getting cured in quick time, then definitely it creates a favorable image in the mind of the patients.


Now, the support team needs to maintain good rapport with them for future. Around two-third of health care professionals consider virtual care as a top priority.

8) Clean and Dirt Free Appearance:

It is a personal responsibility of the customer service team to ensure the cleanliness of the reception office. Also, the sweepers and cleaners should be asked the spray disinfected liquid all over the hospital, including a reception desk for hygiene and sanitation.


These things create a good image of the hospital in its first instance when patient visits. It builds trust and confidence of the patients as well.

9) Training and Motivation:

All great customer-support executives can perform well only when supervisors provide them adequately and quality training. So, a hospital or healthcare sector should try everything possible to motivate the staffs handling the customer support division.

A recent survey says that 44% of consumers want their ECG to be checked at home using the advanced device. This demand is growing day by day. Now, it is important for the customer support team to convince the patient to come to the hospital and get the same checked.

10) Easy Availability of Medicine and Other Medical Stuff Under One Roof:

The 2016 survey on healthcare analysis reveals that around 40% of patients believe more in bigger healthcare brands than others. Obviously, in a hyper-competitive sector such as healthcare industry, your every step will be monitored.

11) Quick Response and Being Alert:

Patients want immediate attention from hospital staffs. So, responsiveness is definitely a key if a health care center wishes to win against its competitors. Being responsiveness means attending to their queries instantly and as well as supplying the necessary medicines and tablets straight to the house of the patients if they need the same urgently.

12) Well Behaved Doctors:

Honestly, a bad behavior from surgeon and physician can seriously piss off any patient. That’s why considering the rampant competitions in this field, the hospital administration must train its doctors in such an effective way that they should try to behave well with patients round the clock.


Good behavior from doctor acts as a morale booster to the patients. Obviously, on returning from the hospital what patients first remember is the behavior of the doctors. So, all physicians and surgeons at a hospital must behave courteously and in a mellifluent manner.

The primary reason why most patients prefer the great hospital and medical center is easy availability of medicines and other support services. These big hospitals have departments dealing with medicines, medical equipment, expert doctors of different branches, modern lab access, and much more.


Thus, patients can get all their necessary things and treatment under one roof instantly. It’s high time; all medical centers should start following the same trend.

Recent Observation Relating to Patients

why is customer service important in healthcare organizations?

The recent statistics on patient’s preference has revealed that 80% of patients want to explore newer ways of treatment. Also, what they value most amongst other things are the comfort level and outstanding customer service and support.


Obviously, patients are ever ready to spend a lot of money just to get plenty of good medical care and services in return. Providing ambulance facility to serious and critical patients 24x7x365 is also extremely important.


All hospitals have to ensure that they hire qualified and experienced ambulance drivers to bring the patients directly to the hospital from their homes for further treatment.

Patients are likely to open up more to support staff who behaves well and converses with them slowly and in a courteous manner. No patient likes to stay in a hospital for very long.


However, what they want is good and outstanding medical treatment and customer support services throughout their stay. So, hospital staffs should try to win the faith of their patients by offering excellent services round the clock.

The Conclusion

New statistics say that 33% of patients and their relatives are likely to buy medicines from Amazon or Google then going to shops or hospital for the same. If a customer care executive continues good behavior with patients, then they might purchase these medicines and drugs from the hospital itself adding another revenue generation option for the hospital.

Resolving patient’s complaints, concerns, and imbibes a whiff of confidence in patient’s minds. If a customer or patient has pointed out any error on part of the reception desk, then without further arguments, the customer service manager should own up the same. Take the patient’s side and see how empathy will pacify him or her instantly.

It is not a defeat but the best demonstration of professional ethics on the work front. Last but not the least, healthcare sector means dealing with human lives. Here, money can’t be a sole ingredient.

Therefore, all staffs will have to feel engaged with the jobs, and every employee must treat all patients to the best of their abilities and caliber. Eventually, it is the service motive that wins.

Source: https://www.outsourcinginsight.com/customer-service-healthcare/

How To Make Use of B2B Influencer Marketing for Powerful Results

Business to business (B2B) influencer marketing is the latest motto and it’s for good reason. In the last couple of years alone, B2B influencer marketing has expanded its value and usefulness, and that’s why it should be a part of every good business leadership strategy.

Are you up to date with this speeding trend and making god use of it within your company?

Most entrepreneurs wrongly view influencer marketers as prominent persons recommending a service or product. Influencer marketing spreads way beyond simple recommendations and involves constant relationships between influencer marketers and companies.

Influencer marketers can be defined as industry experts with a following target audience and the ability to engage others. Their influence has the power to:

  • Shorten sale cycles
  • Increase the number and quality of your leads
  • Improve your brand’s mentions on social media platforms
  • Connect you as an entrepreneur with other industry experts
  • Support your leadership goals and objectives
  • Change or improve how people view your brand

Who would not fall in love with all these results? Influencer marketing is meant to assist you in accomplishing just that. This is especially true in the Business to Business section, where companies shoot at customers with their ads, along with products and services.


marketing strategy

Influencer marketers can help you to break through the gossip (regarding your brand) and give a clearer image of your business and its products, and services.


How can you make sure that you only hire the right influencer marketers? And then how can you engage them in well-organized programs? Below are several important approaches you can implement on a practical influencer marketing program so as to make it a success.


How You’ll Engage Influencer Marketers in Your Business to Business (B2B) Influencer Marketing Program

1. Get involved on social media platforms and attract the best influencer marketers

Let us face it; social media platforms are no longer just “fun to have”; particularly once it comes to influencer marketers. In case you would like to include influencer marketing into your digital marketing campaign, you’ll need to be an active social media user.


Social media platforms are the main means of engagement and conversations for influencer marketers so you should link with them to attract them.


That means keeping your social media profiles updated. This way, Influencers will most likely check-out your media profiles so as to learn more about your brand.

2. Identify the influencer marketers you want

To truly achieve success in influencer marketing campaigns, you should choose your influencer marketers wisely. To begin with, identify the exact goals you would like to achieve in your influencer marketing campaign program.


This could be everything from reaching more quality sales leads to improving brand awareness.


Secondly, think of on the type of content and focus you would prefer to develop with your influencer marketer. How does your target audience like to consume their information? Is it through blog posts? Podcasts? Or videos? Even more, do you desire to focus on creating white papers and eBooks for persons approaching the end of their purchasing journey?


All this info will help you branch down which influencer marketers within your firm’s industry would be the ideal fit for your digital marketing campaign. Evaluate what the influencer marketers have said and advised. This will assist you as you form relations with them because you’ll prove to them that you appreciate and acknowledge the work that they do.

3. Understand the individual behind the influence

Influencer marketers are not created the same. Despite the fact that this sounds so obvious, most entrepreneurs approach influencers as if they are all equal.

Every influencer will have his/her own work interests and styles that set him/her apart from the rest. It’s imperative that you thoroughly research an influencer marketer before approaching them and proposing a partnership.

At least, that personal relation might define your future working relationship.

4. Maintain your ongoing influencer relationships

Influencer marketers are not just tools that you can pull out every time you need them and just ignore them once you are done with them. In case you would like to make use of the full power of influencer marketers, you need to nurture ongoing relationships.

Most companies create teams whose main purpose is to encourage influencer relationships. The individuals of these teams are accountable for keeping track of what influencer marketers do and how they’re used within public Relations and marketing departments.

5. Stay committed to your influencer marketing program

Frankly speaking, influencer marketing will not just fix all your marketing problems. You need to stay committed to the long-term objective before you get to see real results.

In case you would really like influencer marketing to bring about a change in your firm, you should take your time and come up with a solid influencer marketing program.

The goals and objectives of that program need to be, “to look for mutually beneficial and long-term relationships.” Note, however, that “mutually beneficial relationships” does not always have to mean big payments. You can make the relation beneficial for the influencer marketer by recommending them to other entrepreneurs and sharing their content on social media platforms.


Before engaging an influencer marketer, stop and think of extra approaches you can use to help them out, not just the other way round.

6. Measure results

As with every other program, you’ll want some evidence proving that everything is working as it should. Before starting a campaign, set numerous standards that you would love to monitor. This could be anything from social shares, click-through, or other parameters that could finally translate into success.


This could also possibly be something even less tangible compared to social shares and views. You could choose to monitor your brand’s image; are there positive discussions surrounding your brand on traditional media and social media platforms? Is your co-created content getting used as a resource by others in your industry?


You can use this data and twist future influencer marketing initiatives as needed.

Let us now take a brief look at a few Business to Business examples of how you can use influencer marketing in countless roles and boost up your company and your thought leadership strategy.

The Advantages Of An Influencer Marketing Program

1. Marketing

This might sound unnecessary; since we are speaking of influencer marketing here; but there are still lots of different options. Traditionally, marketers used influencers only as brand campaigners for products promotions, even though there are many distinct ways they can be used.


For example, you might choose to partner with an influencer marketer to create content (such as white papers or blog posts) or to promote and organizes an upcoming event.

You could also make use of various influencer marketers for opinions, insights, and ideas on industry related matters, or receive some feedback on how you can improve your influencer marketing campaign.


Down the line, at some point, an influencer’s role could be promoted to that of a partner, advisory board member, or even an employee. Do not you limit yourself by only using influencers in a single way.

2. Recruitment

The competition to hire the right talent out here in the marketplace is higher than ever. Star candidates normally execute their research before considering any position, and influencer marketers can play a major role in their decision making procedure.

To reach this target audience, you can make use of an influencer in association with your talent procurement program. Content focusing on career advice in connection with your company can improve your company’s appeal.

This technique could also minimize your recruitment costs in the long run.

3. Public relations

There are distinct ways influencer marketers can be used from the viewpoint of public relations. For instance, you can closely partner with expert influencers in your industry and create content that can be featured in trade publications.

Your influencer’s name beside your brand is assured to boost your brand’s credibility and improve brand awareness.

4. Community outreach

Almost every firm nowadays recognizes the significance of community outreach, and the differences it can make. Regardless of the cause you’re passionate about, you might be able to involve an influencer and improve your success chances.

You can use influencer marketers to create content, or directly spread out the word regarding your cause. Including influencer marketers in all your social causes can add an incredible force to the reach and credibility of your entire project.

Source: https://www.outsourcinginsight.com/b2b-influencer-marketing/

Outsourced Social Media Marketing: Needs and Strategies

Over the last few years, Social Media Marketing has become a vital aspect of one’s successful conduct of the business operation. Be it B2B communication or B2C channels of marketing, it is only via online social media communications that the promotional requirement of the business can be met, and its future stability can stay intact.


Having understood the importance of social media strategy, the next step involves in determining whether to hire in-house staff or go for outsourcing route. No doubt, outsourcing social media marketing requirement to an agency or freelance consultant is absolutely a brilliant idea.


The latest Adweek Survey claimed that 88% of companies and firms in the US are using social networking sites and social media for marketing purposes.

In-House Social Media Marketing Vs Outsourcing

In the last few years, most organizations have moved towards outsourcing than the in-house social media marketing team. Apart from retaining the best expertise, talents, and knowledge on social media marketing, the outsourcing also helps a firm get up to date and standard services as far as social media marketing and lead generation through social networks is concerned.


Here are the key differences that make social media marketing a more viable and feasible choice for entrepreneurs than hiring in-house social media marketing personnel.

1) Cost To Company:

A company needs to hire SEO and SMO experts by paying hefty fees as their salary or honorarium while freelance social media consultants or digital evangelists mostly undertake outsourcing works.


The digital media consultant charges for social media marketing strategy are far lower than what social media team might be charging from the enterprise.

2) Round the Clock Social Media Marketing:

Social media consultant works round-the-clock, including holidays too. On the other hand, staffs take a routine weekly holiday every Sunday, along with other casual leaves from time to time depending on their requirements.


A company can’t always deny the right of its social media team to take leaves, or else it could affect their productivity level at the office.

3) Enhanced Knowledge and Skills:

The latest statistics from Business2community confirmed that 70% of people in the United States use at least any one social networking site. So, it is extremely important that each company utilizes its social media strategy in an immaculate manner.


The outsourced social media marketing consultants are highly experienced, skilled and knowledgeable in this subject in comparison to staffs and employees of the firm.

4) Superior Use of Technology:

In order to ensure superior utilization of the technology and sophisticated tools, an independent consultant is always a viable option for an entrepreneur. They work for several clients with an aim to fulfill their objects.


For this very purpose, such consultants use sophisticated and other advanced tools to fulfill the company’s objects. With the number of social media, users are likely to touch 2.5-billion-mark by early 2018 as per Business2community sources, it is high time that companies and firms should start taking their E-marketing goals seriously.

5) Better Results:

Despite the best efforts and dedications by staffs, many employees fail to fulfill the company’s real objects as far as its social media marketing objects are concerned. Starting from more likes retweets to social media sharing, an outsourced firm always tends to outperform the employees.


In a nutshell, an outsourced consultant (social media) is more results oriented than the company own staffs and employee as the payment to the consultant is largely linked to productivity, and firm’s social media reach.


The last year’s social media statistics clearly revealed that 57% of consumers are likely to buy a product only if he or she finds a positive review of the same online. Otherwise, they would simply avoid buying the same and instead prefer buying the competitor’s brand on which customers have positively reviewed over e-commerce websites.

6) Handle Customer Feedbacks and Social Media Queries:

Another advantage of social media marketing agency over employees is the fact that a consultant is always better equips to handle the whims and fancies of customers than the normal employees.


Staffs are emotional, hypersensitive and immature to handle the intricacies of customer’s tantrums while the social marketing agencies are seasoned players.

They not only handle the customer’s queries maturely but also suggest some valuable tips to them so that their faith in the brand stays on. Currently, among all social networking sites, Facebook is the most popular one.


The Bluecorona Market Research has recently remarked that 75 % of male and 83% of female internet users regularly use Facebook once or twice in a day to chat with friends or to post their status updates online.

Top 5 Errors That Brands Make During Social Media Marketing

1) Lack of Regularity:

Well, on social media, you can’t post updates on a sporadic basis. A firm has to post nice and relevant updates regarding his company or products on a frequent basis. A recent market research on Twitter has found that 81% of millennial regularly surf Twitter.

So, every company needs to have its own Twitter profile and should update the same consistently with relevant tweets.

2) No Knee-Jerk Reaction:

It is a continuous process. A firm can’t wait to use social media only during its product launch while it stays silent for the rest of the year. Social media marketing means a company has to make a continuous impact in the minds of its customers.

Therefore, next time they wish to purchase something online, the current brand comes to their mind first. The survey claims that 68% of adult population in the United States is regular users of social media.


Astute social media marketing is the only way to reach such a humongous amount of customers through a single tweet or Facebook status.

3) Social Media Responsibility:

Hiring an intern to manage the social media department of a company is a pernicious step. Either the intern will have to use utmost level of maturity while dealing with customers and trollers on social media, or he should simply avoid this department.

A social media interaction serves as a mirror to company’s overall ethos, work culture and respect for customers.


There is no place of ego in social media interaction. As far as possible, social media specialist or the consultant should initiate a friendly chat with the customers with an aim to resolve customers’ query in a peaceful way through amicable dialogues and understanding customers’ perspective.

4) Unresponsive Behavior:

A company or firm can’t demonstrate insensitive behavior towards its customers on social media. If a user or customer has asked a question on social media, then the answer must follow.

The latest E-marketing survey claimed that more than 50% of firms with apt social media marketing strategies have reported good growth in sales than those who don’t.

5) Focusing on Target Audience Only:

It is extremely important to disclose here that no firm should target only its selective audience on social media. The basic strategy should be to reach out to as many customers as possible in a given time across the world.


Eventually, the firm should then gradually zero in on a few handfuls of highly concerned customers who are seriously interested in buying the company’s product for either resale or final consumption purposes. In this way, the company’s products become famous worldwide in no time.

Social Media Paves the Way for Company’s Ultimate Success

Social media interaction is important. It has the possibility of connecting thousands of new customers to the brand in no time. These days, people directly interact with brands through social networking sites from time to time.


It can be either make or break factor for any firm. So, a firm has to devote ample time towards formulating its social media strategy.


By initialing proper dialogues with customers, a firm can actually get massive followers within a few days. However, even slightest of negligence towards them or and their queries and complaints could be dangerous. It seriously pisses off a customer forcing him or her to shift to rival brands.


Therefore, outsource social media marketing to an experienced consultant is always a much-improved option than hiring employees. Social media consultants work far better and more professionally than the normal employees of a company do.

They have enormous knowledge in this field and are adept at making a brand, still, in its nascent stage, to become the world famous in no time amidst the fiercest competitions all around.

Source: https://www.outsourcinginsight.com/outsource-social-media-marketing/

Developing Future Leaders with the Best Constructive Leadership Program

Leadership is much more than gaining higher titles in an organization. One needs to guide and motivate their staff to achieve a particular goal, but an ineffective leader cannot lead the people and achieve the common goals.

The constructive leadership program is the need of an hour as most of the leaders feel alienated from their companies.


According to the reports from Gallup, 16% are the actively disengaged employees, and 51% are not engaged but only present on their working seats. Further, the study shows only engagement of one-third of employees in their organization.


By looking at these statistics, it becomes readily important for the senior leaders to take up the responsibility by investing time for the development and the growth of the budding leaders.


This will help in inspiring the potential leaders and workforce to be engaged actively in their work. However, it is seen that few organizations happen to ignore the capabilities or attributes of their own leaders.


A concrete leadership development program is an answer to achieve the success of the company. The organization should consider following tips to build a solid leadership development program.

Maintain a Better Communication and Connect with Staff

To lead a group of people in an organization it is mandatory to connect with the team and then communicate the goals to them. The leaders must know how to connect in order to achieve the company’s goals. The experts believe that a good leader must possess:

  • Empathy
  • Positivity
  • Purpose
  • Compassion
  • Humility

These are the must-have traits for the leaders in order to build a solid connection with their teammates. One needs to develop the trust and shared accountability for each task in order to get an exceptional performance. The leadership development program must involve these traits so that a fulfilled leader, and a happy team is an outcome.


The responsibility of the best leader is to customize the communication with each member of the staff according to their understanding. For example, the leader can send text the team member, E-mail, personally interacts or just instructs them via calls.

Identification of the Leaders

The leadership development program should be designed in such a way that it helps in recognizing the promising leaders present in an organization. The theories may vary from organization to organization for identifying the best candidate.


As an example, Disney puts the focus on identifying the suitable leaders from within its establishment. According to expert Jones, more than 60% of the managers or leaders come from Disney’s existing staff. The company follows an informal approach by setting up the requisite goals and stands back for analysis.


Other companies put their team under the constructive development programs in order to identify the leaders. This is the task of the seniors to identify the employees who possess maximum energy and ambition. It will help to bring success to the leadership development programs.


These programs benefit every employee, but few employee positions can bring in small revenue while others can bring in greater returns. The focus should be on the overall development of the employees so that they do not feel that their growing capacity is suffering.

Defining the Needs of the Leaders

Most of the companies are facing leadership gaps or with changing needs of the people are losing their best leaders. According to the leadership development statistics, nearly 10,000 baby boomers are retiring each day on an average. On the other hand, 67% of the Millennial’s are looking for a new job prospect.


Likewise, only 91% of the employees plan to stay at their job for less than three years. This calls for the leadership development program being run on an urgent basis in the companies.


For example, the establishments’ needs to watch out which leaders are going to retire soon or the current leaders who are planning to leave what all attributes the companies will be missing.


The constructive leadership development program will work a wonder while analyzing this concept. It will help the company to define the strategy for their short-term and long-term goals and train their staff in that particular way. The leadership development program must focus on


  • Right leadership to meet the company’s goal
  • Traits of the person
  • Attributes that influence the business
  • Avoid the vague descriptors or classifications
  • Decision-making trait
  • Focus on fairness and integrity

Development of the Personal Improvement Plan

It is significant to seek where the leaders generally fall on the skill’s scale while carrying out the assessment. It is important to stress upon

  • Polishing the skills
  • Growth
  • Development

These attributes will help the leaders to reach on to the next level in the scale. The Personal Improvement plan must be taken into the positive light and not outlined as negative in an organization.


While making the Personal Improvement Plan it is important to keep a note of the dates, metrics and the result in order to advance to the next level.


As an example, the leaders must seek for the improvement of various skills while carrying out PIP. This can include cognitive skills, organizational skills, communication and listening skills.

Focus on Being Creative

The leadership talent gap in today’s time can be bridged with the help of learning new skills and proper development plans. According to reports by HRPA, 63% Millennial’s think that their leadership skills are not fully developed by their employers. Nearly, 71% of them feel like leaving their job within two years to fill this learning gap.


For bringing improvement and retaining the employees on their job, it is necessary to provide freedom to the staff to explore things on their own. They need to brainstorm on specific things and events in order to bring best in their working. The managers can encourage them by


  • Open to team’s creative ideas
  • Listen to employees suggestions
  • Consider their idea and developing it
  • Provide them new challenges
  • Shows confidence in team’s capabilities

The manager can set up a managerial problem and let the staff brainstorm on the specific difficulty. The provision of the time limit for the particular task will help in bringing out the best potential and enthusiasm to work faster.


The recognition must be given to the finest ideas brought by the team members and others must be encouraged with kind words and appreciating their efforts.

Scheduling Meetings on Regular Basis with the Company Leaders

It is important to have frequent meetings with the top leaders. It will help the budding leaders to get an insight into their competencies. This is one of the significant parts of the constructive leadership program.


This gives an opportunity to mentor the leader and acknowledge various organizational skills. For the development of the leaders the required things are:

  • Proper documentation of the skills that keeps the budding leaders and the staff members on the correct path
  • For making the leadership training program a success, all the managerial levels must participate enthusiastically to train new leaders.
  • To get the respective managerial position or the highest position in a company, the succession development program can prove helpful for most of the employees. This will help in achieving the desired skills for the particular top position in the company.
  • The leadership development program provides the feeling to employees that the company is investing in their future.
  • The proficiency framework will work as a measure to check out the potentials and promote the staff to prospective positions within the company.

As an example, in order to make new leaders in the company, the proper skill test proves helpful. The employees must possess the training folder that should be signed by each managerial leader.


This will provide peace of mind to the employees since they are following the right path to gaining success in the leadership program.


In order to maintain the loyalty of the present employees in an organization, it becomes important to look after their needs and desires. The top leaders must understand them than gaining simple employment. To make them an asset to the company to gain fruitful results the leaders must design a great leadership development program.


According to HRPA report, 64% of Millennial’s tend to leave the companies fast. To retain them and others on the job, the managers need to understand the science of leadership before designing the portrait of a successful organization.

Source: https://www.outsourcinginsight.com/constructive-leadership-program/

WordPress Plugins You Need to Create Killer Content

It might seem so much of surprise that one-quarter of websites is currently powered by WordPress.

Founded in 2003, WordPress has risen to become one of the most popular open-source content management systems based on PHP and MySQL.


WordPress prides itself as the most powerful and comprehensive website and blog content management system on the planet.

Regardless of the capability of WordPress, the task of creating informative and exciting content to a website remains the prerogative of content creators. WordPress plugins, however, can be greatly utilized for proper content management, and this could make all the difference.


It should even be more surprising that there are some 44000 plugins that can be installed and used with WordPress. It is not possible nor is it necessary that all of these plugins be used, of course. However, there are some which are of crucial importance—at least for blogs and websites that need to be a step ahead of the competition when it comes to content creation and management.


One thing to keep in mind, though, is that regularly creating long, high quality posts remain the most important strategy in content marketing.

top WordPress plugins for Content Creation you should have:

Of all WordPress plugins WordStat can be considered the single most useful one. For it helps provide the keyword count, word count, plus even what is known as readability analysis of a website or blog content.

It also has the ability to help monitor and analyze posts from a particular author, in that it shows the type of posts, top 20 keywords, and word count of content relating to the author.

Above all, there is a diagnostic table that links posts that require attention—both old and new. These could be posts that have been judged to be difficult to read alongside the ones that have been found too short or to contain too many keywords. To summarize, here is list of some of the major things that can be done with word stat:

  • Word count
  • Keywords count
  • Graph showing monthly word count for each kind of post
  • Post type by number and percentage

In order to build creditability, it is important for contents to be unique. Apart from uniqueness, it is also of important to keep an eye on such things as keyword density, image optimization, broken links, as well as Meta tags. Whatever it might be, the WordPress plugin, PrePost SEO, provides the solution.

In short, this tool can help content creators improve on their craft, helping them to understand what a great content should and should not contain. In a nutshell, then, here is breakdown of what this particular plugin can be used for:

  • Shows broken links in a text
  • Counts the number of links
  • Helps calculate keyword density
  • Useful for analyzing meta tags
  • Provides suggestion on how can content can be improved
  • Can optimize the title of posts

Sometimes thinking up content for a specific niche can be a daunting task as it is quite demanding to constantly come up with high quality posts that will appeal to some target audience.

However, the WP keyword Suggest plugin of WordPress provides keyword suggestion based on search information from search engines like Google yahoo Bing and so on.

There is a downside to the use of this plugin: some results might not be related to the kind of contents a website creates. But this should not be taken to undermine the power of the tool; for it does occur often that a good portion of the results is useful.

Because posts—particularly blog posts—are made quite often, it is possible that a content manager loses track of the number of posts, the posting schedule, and could just be totally disorganized. This is the problem the editorial calendar plugin seeks to solve in that it makes for easy management of content: sharing content with the target audience at the right time and at all times.

Some features of this plugin include:

  • Keeping track of when posts are scheduled to be published
  • Quick check of the status of each post
  • Furnished with tools for managing posts from a different authors
  • It also has drag and drop capabilities

Blogs that have grown quite big will often discover how difficult it is to continually provide fresh content to an eager audience that has taken years to gather. When, this is the case, most Blogs will often find it useful to link or reference previous posts that deal with the subject matter at hand. One way to do this is to manually research the WordPress dash board to find related posts.

It is, of course, needless, to say that this is a time consuming process, one which can be easily avoided with the search or research-everything robotic tool. Once this plugin is installed and configured, it automatically handles the task of linking related posts in the desired manner.

It is often desirable for blog content to be shared on social media platform as this helps market the content to a large audience. After all, blog content serves no practical purpose except it is shared to the largest audience possible.

Although a good number of bloggers prefer to manually post the links to their blog posts on social media, there are times when posting the links automatically might be preferred. In such times, it is possible to link posts to Facebook, for instance, using the add link to platform plugin. With this plugin, it is much easier to tell the kind of content is especially suited to Facebook.

It is one thing to create content that are optimized for search engine performance; it is another thing to create contents that will provide readers with a rich experience. Both can be achieved if one knows how to tailor posts to meet certain needs of readers.

For instance, creating internal links to blog posts has been known to provide site visitors with a rich reading experience.

And the SEO internal links plugin makes this task very simple as it can be fully customized and, therefore, cannot negatively impact a visitor`s experience. There are a few other things that this plug can be used to perform:

  • Helps in setting up personal keywords and urls
  • Creates a custom keyword list
  • It also has a stream lined admin panel which makes for easy usage

The Zedity plugin in WordPress is used for creating visual posts and pages which have a professional look, and it requires no programming skills at all. In addition to the impressive results it gives, Zedity is one of the most efficient and easy to use plugins whenever it is a matter of adding WordPress themes to posts or creating add unique designs.

From its editor menu, it is possible to add a wide range of design elements, moving them around and changing them until the desired look is obtained. Even though it is common knowledge that the actual word content of a most is what aids in brand building and search engine rankings, it shouldn’t escape the mind that how a post looks and feels is also important.

Zedity, which offers so much flexibility when compared to other design plugins, can be used to alter the look and feel of any page in order to make it more visually stimulating.

It is now common knowledge that posts which are furnished with related images are more appealing to most readers. But the major discouragement to blogs and websites is obtaining royalty free images related to the posts—in real time.

To salvage this situation, the Image Inject plugin of wordpress searches from the huge database of flickr.com, in order to find creative commons images that can be used to enhance blog posts. And there are other key benefits for using images in posts asides from appeal.

For one thing, it makes for search engine optimization. It also helps to break up content and this alone adds to how easily the piece can be read and comprehended. To be frank, there are certain posts that cannot be said to be excellent if they are not accompanied with pictures.

Of course, expository contents would be much better if they had in them, charts, graphs, symbols, and pictures that help drive home the point.


On a final note: the various plugins so far discussed are not by any means exhaustive; It was stated in the beginning that there are some 44000 WordPress plugins that blogs can profit from.

The ones discussed, however, rank among the most popular and versatile plugins for a website. The idea is to know how a blog should be improved and the plugins that will help with the said improvement.

In all, it possible that one finds, or, rather, decides that one or more of the WordPress plugins are not exactly useful to one`s plug. Whatever is the case, the plugins discussed deserve a second look.

Source: https://www.outsourcinginsight.com/wordpress-plugins-to-create-killer-content/

Telemarketing Lead Generation Tips for Insurance Agents

Let us start by defining the term Telemarketing.

So, what is Insurance telemarketing?

Telemarketing (at times also regarded to as telesales or inside sales In Ireland and the united kingdom) is a tactic of direct marketing in which the sales agent solicits potential clients to purchase their insurance products and services, either through a subsequent face-to-face conversation, over the phone or web conferencing appointments scheduled amidst the calls.


Insurance telesales can likewise comprise of recorded sales pitches automated to get played over the phone call through automatic calling.


customer service office with telephones

That said, let us get to the main section of the post and discuss how insurance agents can escalate their sales with the help of telemarketing.

“The telephone is regarded outdated as a marketing approach, and social media platforms are the place to be”; and “telemarketing is long dead.” In a couple of ways, there is, to some extent, some truth in both statements.


Pure telemarketing is perhaps less efficient compared to how it used to be, as a result of the rising use of opt outs, voicemails, and layers in firms and organizations, implying that it’s getting harder to reach respective client and have meaningful conversations.

Nowadays, a more intellectual blended tactic to calling organizations is required. In the same way, the growing generation is probably less reliant on their mobile phones as a means of communication.


They were all born with mobile phones to their ears and their iPads in their hands. Even more, every single person is on Facebook and Twitter nowadays, and professionally speaking, most of us are signed up on Linked In.


So, does all this imply that telemarketing is no longer effective once it comes to Business to Business or Business to Consumer marketing? Not really.


protection image

One of the most effective mottos in insurance companies is normally “do what other companies do not want to do.” Most firms who still execute, either in house or offshore telemarketing, are generating impressive sales.


Other insurance sales agents even contact these insurance agents still making the most out of telemarketing and inquire how they are managing to stay at the top of all sales charts every week.


Once you choose to telemarketers as a portion of your main marketing campaign, then you require a little more time and effort so you can weed out a great portion of your competitors efficiently. I personally have found this notion to be true once it comes to telemarketing.


Nonetheless, let us face it, I do not think anyone really does like to make phone calls. It is not an amusing way to spend your day. But that does not imply that it does not work.

My friend’s firm constantly drove newfangled quotes through telemarketing every week for auto insurance. They tried to purchase leads from numerous telemarketing firms specialized in insurance related tasks, but they did not convert virtually as well as when they did calls in house.


Here is the reason why; the telemarketing leads they bought had way too much time delay. The telemarketing firm would do calls and then send them all the info, but my friend’s firm would not receive the information until the following day.


By the time they ran the quotes and tried to call back, almost 12 to 25 hours could’ve passed. This implied that most people were no longer even interested or just opted not to answer their mobile phones. Even more, the info they had was limited, and they had a hard time attaining full quotes from the limited information provided.


So my friend’s firm opted to recreate similar services offered by telemarketing firms using some of their staff, they were already paying.


After executing this, they would write down a simple script and promise to call in with the quote in the next 15 to 20 minutes. They even purchased a call list, and so they had a list to work with spontaneously.

Below are a couple of tips in case you opt to try in house marketing.

Insurance policy image

Call rural areas

In a published research, the outcomes exhibited that individuals in rural areas around the city you are in are more likely to answer their phones compared to individuals in urban areas.

Try and only call in the evenings

This research also has had insurance agents trying to call in the afternoons, and the outcomes just weren’t as strong. After opting to switch and only call in the evenings, the experiment yielded impressive results, unlike the first time.

Always try and stay with your team at the office late as your other workers work on call nights

That way, the workers can keep calling while one of your team members runs the quote, and calls the potential client back as soon as they can. This will also keep everyone on task.

Ensure that you track every single thing

Go ahead and write down how many quotes, how many answers, how many dials, and so much more. You will notice a pattern and decide on how many calls you ought to make and how often you’ll get the results you desire.

Always try to save some cash in your scripts

When you are cold calling, you’ve got to stick to what gets your potential client’s attention.

Telemarketing is a straightforward and affordable approach you can use to drive brand new quotes on a constant basis. In case you are in dire need of more sales as an insurance agency, initiate a “Dialing for Dollars” campaign in your firm.

That said, let us jump on to the next section of the blog post. This section of the blog is aimed at educating and informing you, the blog reader, on some of the best insurance telemarketing strategies.

Strategies to Generate insurance telemarketing leads

  1. What are your client’s personas? Or how do we describe them?
  2. How do you generate a contact list of all these persona’s?
  3. What CRM or lead management system do you utilize to manage the procedure?
  4. Are we pursuing inbound or outbound telemarketing strategies? In case it is inbound, which lead generation tactics are being used to produce inquiries?
  5. How will you handle sales calls?
  6. How do you propose or close the business?

We are going to focus on 1 item mentioned in the list above, and, i.e., How do you handle sales calls?

Without a doubt, inbound calls are way different from outbound calls. Let us explain in general terms here, and illustrate using 3 extremely different sales techniques.

1. Straight Selling

In this case, the insurance agent explains in advance that he or she is calling to advertise a product to everyone that might need it. There is no trying to manipulate, and the agent hopes that some trust can be established.

Obviously, some potential clients, who could actually benefit from the deal, might withdraw early from the call, so it is a pretty good idea to start by asking a number of qualifying questions. Let us say you are advertising car insurance products; you could start by asking;

  • Do you own a vehicle?
  • Are you content with your present car insurance product?
  • Would you by any chance like me to run a quote?

This approach will save both parties sufficient time.

2. Object Selling

This is a selling technique based-on dealing confidently with every objection that a potential client might rise. Every objection is your opportunity to highlight the key advantages of your insurance products. Make it sound relevant to your customer’s needs, share additional information regarding your offering, and so much more.

By keenly listening to all your client’s objections and repeating them back and then responding them in full, the insurance agent moves a step closer to closing the sale.

Of course, the insurance agent needs to be meticulously familiar with all products he or she is offering to attain this.

3. Spin Selling

Once it comes to this technique, the insurance agent:

  • Asks questions that highlight and identify problems.
  • Discusses with the customers the undesirable consequences in case the complication is not dealt with.
  • Offers solutions to the complications; for instance, taking a life insurance will follow this certain pattern.

In reality, a mish mash of all these (and perhaps other) techniques might be utilized when creating the sale-call aspect of all your telemarketing strategies for your insurance and every other industry sector.

All things considered:

Despite the fact that telemarketing might perhaps have a bad repute and is regarded to as cold calling and nothing more by some people, in reality, there are more than 10 ways you can make use of telemarketing and result in a big impact on the progress of your insurance sales and overall business.

Source: https://www.outsourcinginsight.com/insurance-telemarketing/

Latest HR Trends To Watch In 2018


The Human resource industry is undergoing a major innovative change from last five years. The way of working and the technical data have collaborated to shape the human resources of an organization.


The emerging role of Chief People Officer and People Scientists works for the employees of the company. This is done to get an insight about the staff and to retain best people on the job.


  • Chat bots
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Intelligent learning platforms
  • Emergence of new vendors i n the recruitment market
  • Outsourced Recruitment

Human Resource industry will undergo a drastic transformation in another 5 to 10 years as reported by Gartner firm.

Virtual Reality, Conversational platforms, and Augmented Reality is supposed to provide immersive and natural interactions with the digital world.

Here is an expert view of the tech trends that will take place in another 12 months henceforth in the HR scenario.


This is the foremost query needs to sort out before opting for the right technology in the organization.

As an employer, one does not want to keep a toolkit of no use to staff. To run a great company and fit in that culture, find the perfect people for the right technology and place them there.

The renowned founders states about the areas in which one needs to invest:

  • Sele ction
  • Brand of the employer
  • Development and Involvement of people through the digital platforms
  • The time, money, and environmental saving technologies are priorities.

For instance, the HR needs the technology and digital app tool that connect the people to each other seriously and emotionally. It does not isolate people for the specific six hours timing in the office. The technology demos in a week will help them to keep abreast with changing HR technologies.


The digitalization age has skillfully shifted the concentration from the employee’s engagement to the employee’s experiences at the workplace. The world leaders are shifting their emphasis on the core ecosystem and dimensions like company culture, engagement, and managing of the performance. The focus will be on the following:

  • Seek the employee’s journey map in order to optimize their performances.
  • The Company’s HR will have hands on the technological tools like employee wellness apps, pulse feedback tools, productivity tools and modern communication tools.
  • Apps helping in understanding and support in the development of the employee’s organizational experience.

According to Forbes, presently almost 69% of the companies are taking an active interest in their staff’s data as compared to some 10% to 15% of the organizations before. If the managers are able to analyze the company’s data carefully, then they can predict about the

  • Needs of the staff
  • Helps in improving employee’s career
  • Productive office atmosphere
  • Easy Implementation of the HR process


The rises in the people analytics is growing as companies are moving from the back office data of the warehouses to the advanced people analytics. The organizations have also moved from the reporting through the dashboards to the predictive models. The companies are buying analytic solutions from the vendors. These solutions come in the form of

  • SAP S uccess Factors
  • ADP
  • Oracle
  • Workday
  • Visier
  • Cornerstone
  • Ultimate Software

These all have the employee retention predictors and other features that come embedded in their corresponding software.

The products from the SAP Success Factors and Oracle employ respective employees according to their activities and the role. The Workday helps in knowing about which job moves are not to be made in order to get higher performance.

The Cornerstone software forecasts about which employees will lapse in their respective training and certification program. Bersin states about three major elements involved in the People Analytics as

  • AI
  • Embedded An alytics
  • Organizational Network Analysis

Likewise, Starling Trust provides a system that analyzes the pattern of communication sand e-mails in order to build the trust network. It helps in predicting the fraud and the security leak in an organization.


To find the specialized skills and people for the contractual work the HR uses varied channels to post jobs and hire the pool of talent. There are mainly two markets involved in hiring the contingent workforce:

  1. Contingent Workforce Management system
  2. Gig-Work Networks

The first market includes management systems from the Kronos, Fieldglass from the SAP, PeopleFluent, Beeline, Workday, etc. Few leaders in the market provide software for the vendor management. They make schedules and time tracking system.

The second market matches the workers with respective projects. They find the workforce from the platforms like Freelancer, Workpop, Upwork, Fiverr and many others. Instead of working as job platforms, these sites are now witnessed as skills-management sites and recruiters.

According to an estimate by SHRM, almost 40% of workers are working as a contingent workforce. U.S. Employee Workforce indicates that this trend is going up in the year 2018 as one can witness an enormous rise of nearly 115% since the year 2005. Taking the data of U.S.A, almost Nine million employees were remote workforce from past year and are set to rise in 2018 too. This option actually increases the employees’ job satisfaction that works as a boost for uplifting their morale.

For example, the sites like Pixelapse work as a collaborated platform for the designers. The GitHub serves as a platform for recruiting the software engineers.


According to Bersin by Deloitte founder, Josh Bersin the VR and AR are emerging as the hottest trends in the HR tech market. It supports performance and learning market for the organizational staff.

These technologies provide the simulation process to the learners and teach them on how to react in the real situations.

The giants like BlackBerry, Google Glass, Lenovo and other popular hardware manufacturers are plunging into Augmented Reality. They can now easily complement the process of manufacturing and replace kinds of training in their organizations.

The Virtual Reality helps the organization in the recruitment process as it immerses the candidate in the real-life work situation. This provides the person the virtual tour of the office and helps them to experience the organizational culture personally. This makes the recruitment easier as candidates will be able to analyze what it will be like working for a particular company.

Even the recruiters will come to know how the candidates will react to situations in real-time.

For an example, the VR technology can help the HR in the improvement of the underestimated onboard experience. AR can help to train the staff in the virtual environment that will prove cost-effective. The employees can engage themselves in various office activities and learn in a better way.


Previously, the focus of the HR  department was on automation and integration of Human Resource practices. For example, they included the record keeping, resume capture, performance appraisal, compensation, interview and hiring, assessment of employees, etc.

Nowadays, companies are getting very little credit for the automation process (though they are important too) but the payroll vendors and the HRMS that are cloud-based carry it out. Moreover, the research by the High-Impact HR shows that nearly 45% of the companies still focus on a basic automation process.

The HIHR now discusses the bigger topic that is productivity. The productivity can be increased in a better way through

  • Quality people
  • Optimal usage of the potential of the hired employees
  • Considering HR or People Analytics
  • Focus on team-centric companies
  • Agile workforce

The only challenge in front of the HR is to sort out the issues related to employee’s engagement, focus, and burnouts. Even HR needs to engage the varied communication tools in order to deal with messages and the E-mails. For example, to increase the productivity of employees, one can use digital platforms like mobile apps, social media, AI, etc.


The HR world is undergoing a drastic change during the year 2018 seen as the plethora to increase the involvement of skilled workforce. The idea is to focus on the needs of the employees, their empowerment, well-being, etc. by employing newer technologies.

The HR must use intelligent tools and the emerging technologies that are based on the conversational and cognitive systems. For the greater work experience of the employees, the pulse survey and feedback will play an important role.

Source: https://www.outsourcinginsight.com/hr-trends/